Bishop Cx Frame

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This Labor Day, #getoutdoors and enjoy the view on your public lands!

An example of how an adjective can make a song 5,000 times better.

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I don’t agree with all of these; however, it’s your job dear student to figure out which ones I do agree with and which ones I don’t agree with.

I firmly believe I couldn’t competently pass an initial phone interview until my 5th try. It’s hard. Bring three solid stories (a time you led a project/change, a time you failed, a time you worked with a team) and three solid questions to every interview. Know your shit—about them and about yourself.
thelifeguardlibrarian on why you should practice the interview.

This video demonstrates a sample persuasive speech advancing a claim of policy. It was delivered by C. Monroe, one of my students in Intro to Organizational Communication (shared with permission). She developed this speech with a student collaborator, M. Holmes.


There is so much to do today.

True that!


Happy National Dog Day! 

Photograph by Sam Jones.