Similarly, the plural of Chris is Chrises, the plural of Thomas is Thomases, and so forth. To express the possessive form of the plurals, we would simply add an apostrophe at the end: Chrises’, Thomases’, etc.


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Via @kphalo: No wonder they call it #greenway
#bicycle route #ireland #nature #hike #hiking #mayo

This = something I want to bike.


So I got my 21st birthday present from Mum and Dad early because it means I can get a use out of it! I’ve been in love with this bike for a few years now and never dreamed I’d ever get to ride it! I am an incredibly lucky girl! 🚲😍 #bicycle #birthday #grateful #Pendleton #Somerby @mkingsley123

Happy birthday random person of Tumblr. The bike is awesome, and it’s great to see people really appreciate a gift of this kind. Enjoy your rides!


Writing advice from Neil Gaiman.

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